Even better. Thanks. Currently in the process of translating things from Red 
Hat land to Debian, and this is now an non-issue with this information. 
Appreciate the responsiveness. 

I think it is safe to close this item as I have paths forward for what I am 
wishing to accomplish.

All the best,


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On Monday, July 3rd, 2023 at 15:31, Cyril Brulebois <> wrote:

> Hi Brent,
> Brent Kolasinski (2023-07-03):
> > There does seem to be quite a few extra steps involved in the expert
> > install vs the normal install, especially if the only reason you are
> > running expert mode is to just set the timezone to UTC.
> Right. I forgot to mention a middle ground: passing time/zone=Etc/UTC on
> the kernel command line (instead of starting expert install) should give
> you the desired results without going through all those extra steps.
> (That is, stuff you would stash in a preseed file/URL can also be passed
> on the kernel command line. Reading your mails, I'm not sure this is
> known / has been considered already.)
> Cheers,
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