Axel Kittenberger <axel.kittenber...@univie.ac.at> wrote (Thu, 31 Aug 2023 
10:26:07 +0200):
> 1) Detect network got a local link IPv6 address, but not an IPv4 (likely 
> DHCP not configured correctly on my part). The installer asked me for 
> DNS servers, and out of habit I put in the IPv4 addresses. The issue is 
> unlikely previous installers the installer didn't ask for a IPv4 address 
> (also fine), however obviously later it will not be able to connect to a 
> repository.  -> took me a little while figure out i had to put in the 
> IPv6 addresses for DNS ---> Suggestion: warn the user if not IPv4 
> address was acquired by DHCP and they put in only IPv4 DNS Servers.
> 2) tasksel in installer only offered "Base system", no usual options of 
> graphical desktop.

I guess the installer had no working network at this point, due to the
DHCP/DNS server address issues stated above?

In that case, it's expected to have only the base-system task available,
when you use the netinstall image for install.

> 3) grub would not install complaining it cannot mount /target/proc 
> (albeit it is mounted)

That's most probably 


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