On Saturday, 2 March 2024 21:07:34 CET Philip Hands wrote:
> I don't actually care very much whether we encourage sudo use.

A person who I consider very knowledgeable deliberately went for sudo and 
disabled the root account for security reasons. It was an image provided by 
him that I ended up nuking as I didn't know if/how I could rescue that system 
because it had no root account I could use.
I guess my knowledge (and certainly habits) are dated now.

> The other thing that I was trying to ensure is that people are reassured
> that they'll get to specify a password that will get them root access even
> if they decide to leave the root password unset.  This is because I've seen
> people become quite uncertain about what to expect at this point in the
> install.

You (both) obviously got more experience in these situations.

My response was based on Holger's suggestion. While I did read through various 
things, I missed the most important one:

That screen and wording looks pretty good :)

> I've found that it is not easy to come up with things that include much
> nuance about this, while still fitting in the space available, which is
> why I decided to try a more opinionated approach.

My suggestion took considerable time to formulate (and was still not very 
pleased with it) as I ran into the same problem.
*IF* we want more nuance/details, the install screens aren't the place.

I can get hung up too much on certain words (like 'passwords') and that's 
generally not very helpful. What I do (still) care about is getting rid of the 
"At least a capital letter and a special character" and that is absent from 
the "passwords/1" screen :)

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