On Wednesday, 6 March 2024 13:19:04 CET Justin B Rye wrote:
> Maybe instead of saying "use the system's initial user account to
> become root" it should say "allow the system's initial user account
> to gain administrative privileges"?  I'm not sure.  Oh, and we might
> even want to mention the word "superuser", or then again we might not.

How about using 'root' for the user/account and super-user for the privileges?
The 'root' user has super-user privileges all the time and the normal user can 
get those privileges via (the) sudo (mechanism).

FTR: that *is* a slight diversion from what's said here:

Whatever terminology we use, I think it's important that we use the same 
terminology in both the d-i screens and the Trixie Installation Guide.
Updating the Installation Guide should probably be done separately?


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