> Seems that some things might have changed in d-i. At some time
> (See #263402) I was told that debian-installer/language contains what's
> appropriate for the LANGUAGE variable, so things like
>   de_DE:de_DE:de:en_GB:en
> were expected values, and I assumed that LANG was set after first entry
> there along with the encoding info, so I got info from that place. That
> way, I expected d-i/language to be something like
>   debian-installer/language=en_US:en
> which should work, as well as things like in the "de_DE:..." above example.
> I do not know if this still how d-i works, or plain english is an exception
> where only "en" is written. What is d-i currently doing?

Hmmm, you're puzzling even me..:-)

From the current localechooser code, I'd say thet d-i/language still
contains the full list of possible values.

But Frans (and even I) told you the opposite so I actually don't know
anymore, frankly.

> > Is that feasible as a wishlist request?
> Of course, if d-i does not set the info I expected in d-i/language and
> there is no simpler way to handle this. As a matter of fact
> "/etc/default/locale" gives the lang_country info I expected from
> d-i/language. When was "/etc/default/locale" introduced? If it is >=sarge,
> things are simpler for me, do not have to check if we are upgrading
> from <=woody.

This is post-sarge, yes.

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