On Saturday 21 October 2006 04:34, Keith Parkansky wrote:
> I downloaded the i386 CD#1 build image
> today and just tried using it to install
> and am still having the same bug # 387767
> problems.

Thanks for trying again.

I have reassigned that report to the kernel team, but I guess they have 
not followed up on it.
The kernel team, as a lot of teams in Debian, is short on manpower, so you 
may want to raise the issue yourself with the upstream kernel people.
If not, please follow up to [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you have additional 

The only thing I can suggest if you want to install Debian in the mean 
time is to use an installation method that does not use the CD drive. The 
installation guide [1] has information on what installation methods are 

You could also wait until we have switched the installer to use the 2.6.18 
kernel. It may be the issue is already fixed in that. That will take 
another couple of weeks though.


[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/

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