On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 10:22:27PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

> Please remove the following packages from the testing/hints/freeze file:
> # No longer has udebs
> console-setup

> # Removed from the archive
> linux-kernel-di-arm
> linux-kernel-di-i386
> linux-kernel-di-m68k
> linux-kernel-di-mips
> linux-kernel-di-mipsel
> linux-kernel-di-powerpc
> linux-kernel-di-s390
> linux-kernel-di-sparc


> Please set the following hints which will allow the release of RC1. Most 
> recent updates are translation updates only. I did not upload with prio 
> high, but in the interest of a speedy release, I'd appreciate you hinting 
> the needed packages in using urgent.

> unblock cdebconf/0.108
> urgent cdebconf/0.108
> unblock flash-kernel/0.6
> urgent flash-kernel/0.6
> unblock glantank/0.5
> urgent glantank/0.5
> unblock user-setup/1.7
> urgent user-setup/1.7
> unblock installation-report/2.22
> urgent installation-report/2.22
> # All translation updates
> unblock iso-codes/0.57-1
> urgent iso-codes/0.57-1

Also done.

> # This one should probably be checked by RMs, but is very welcome for RC1
> # as it fixes some keyboard issues in the installer
> unblock console-data/2:1.01-1
> urgent console-data/2:1.01-1

Will review later.

> Other packages that are (almost) ready to migrate:
> unblock directfb/
> unblock hdparm/6.8-1
> unblock libpng/1.2.8rel-7
> unblock lvm2/2.02.06-3
> unblock cdebootstrap/0.3.15
> unblock cryptsetup/2:1.0.4-3
> unblock dhcp3/3.0.4-10
> unblock libcairo/1.2.4-4

Hints added, except for hdparm which already went in.

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