On 05/30/2012 11:00 AM, Vasudev Kamath wrote:
I already have packaged kiwix but its having old version. I'm yet to
import the new version into repo.

OK, as previously mentioned, I don't think much of it will be reusable as we are targeting wheezy which is tied to a different xulrunner package version and kiwix has changed a lot.

  I'm okay for maintaining the package as part of Debian-Edu team I
will subscribe to the mailing list by tonight and commit some pending
work which is in my local repository to collab-maint which includes
patches to include dpkg-buildflags and version released by emannuel as
nightly for Debian packaging.

Great. While the priority is getting kiwix into wheezy in time, we want, for the sake of maintenance, to eventually include everything debian-related to our repository.

I failed to build it because when I
tried Xulrunner-11.0 was missing from testing and package was not
building against Xulrunner-10.0.

The current version builds against xulrunner-10.0 as stated in the control file.

I would be happy if you can help in
co-maintaining the package. I'm just back from Germany so I need this
weekend to start working full time on Kiwix (As I'm on leave form my
office next week).

Cool. I am available, _at any time_ to help. If there is anything to change in the code or the debian rules or else, just ask me. I'm available and willing to do so.

We _really_ want Kiwix to enter Debian and the timeframe is thigh!


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