found 689268 linux/3.2.32-1
fixed 689268 linux/3.3.6-1~experimental.1 , linux/3.5.5-1~experimental.1

Per Foreby wrote:

> I've been running 3.3.6-1~experimental.1 for 10 days without problems. Just
> tried 3.2.32-1 and the system froze after 18 minutes. Now back on 3.3.

Perfect.  Marking so.

Could you try 3.3~rc6-1~experimental.1?  (I expect it will also work
fine, but there's always a chance that we could get lucky and narrow
down the range by a lot.)

If it works ok, here are instructions for testing 3.3-rc6 with drm code
from 3.2:

 0. prerequisites
        apt-get install git build-essential

 1. get the kernel history, if you don't already have it
        git clone \

 2. configure, build, test
        cd linux
        git checkout v3.3-rc6
        cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) .config; # current configuration
        scripts/config --disable DEBUG_INFO
        make localmodconfig; # optional: minimize configuration
        make deb-pkg; # optionally with -j<num> for parallel build
        dpkg -i ../<name of package>; # as root

    Hopefully it works fine.  So

 3. try drm code from 3.2
        cd linux
        git checkout v3.2 -- include/drm drivers/gpu/drm
        make deb-pkg; # maybe with -j4
        dpkg -i ..<name of package>; # as root

    Hopefully it reproduces the bug.

If that works, we'll be ready to run a reverse bisect on the drm code
like Daniel suggested.

Thanks again for your patient efforts on this.  Sorry it has been
taking so long.


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