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On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 09:15:35PM +0100, Sandro Tosi wrote:
> I just had to force C.UTF-8 to prevent a FTBFS when using python3 -
> can we move forward with this?

packages has to be able to build in whatever locale they are.
policy doesn't mandate any particular locale, nor builder, nor anything,
and instead I expect every person to be able to rebuild any package
(reproducibly, even) in whatever locale they find themselves in.

I looked up what sbuild is doing here: it doesn't do anything locale
related, the only difference is that it filters out all env variables
before starting.

Instead, I'm thinking about removing the 'export LANG=C' and
'export LC_ALL=C' that are there already.

Please see #838175 for a similar thing about sbuild.

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