affects 837565 - libreoffice

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 04:29:06PM +0200, Balint Reczey wrote:
> Source: liblpsolve55-dev
> Version:
> Severity: important
> User:
> Usertags: pie-bindnow-20160906
> Justification: makes mccs FTBFS with extra hardening
> Affects: mccs libreoffice

libreoffice is not affected, it doesn't use liblpsolve55.a but uses the shared
library via some hacks[1] (I am co-maintainer, but the de-facto maintainer of it
anyways, so I can coordinate ;))

> During a rebuild of all packages in sid, mccs
> failed to build on amd64 with patched GCC and dpkg. The root
> cause seems to be that liblpsolve55.a is shipped as a non-PIC library.
> The rebuild tested if packages are ready for a transition
> enabling PIE and bindnow for amd64 (and selected architectures).

Mmh, yeah, saw that planning.



etc. :)

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