Quoting John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (2016-10-12 15:49:43)
> This bug is talking about the actual upload process during which the
> buildd-uploader.lock lock file is created. The .upload files are not created
> by buildd-uploader but dupload which creates them after every single upload
> is done.
> The buildd-uploader.lock lock file, on the other hand, is not removed until
> buildd-uploader has finished uploading all packages in the upload queue.
> Fixing this (#826942) bug means that a buildd crashing while running
> buildd-uploader will not suffer from buildd-uploader locking up on next run
> in case the lock file from the last run has not been removed.
> Fixing the other bug (#577421) will avoid running into problems with the
> upload queue after a package has been given back and buildd-uploader tries to
> upload the same version after a second build on the same buildd. I haven't
> run into this issue myself yet, though it might be a good idea to address it.
> I think this issue only occurs in the rare case where a package was uploaded
> successfully but is stuck in the "Uploaded" state for some reason so that the
> buildd-mail process is not removing the files from the upload folder.

thanks for the explanation! Things are much clearer now.

Unfortunately, even though I seem to be the currently most active team member,
I really have little to no clue about the buildd part of sbuild. So if you have
a patch, then that would be greatly appreciated.


cheers, josch

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