Am 2016-10-12 19:36, schrieb Ian Jackson:

This bug was fixed in Git by Joerg Jaspert in commit
Allow to query for files in archive, closes: #840250
Thanks for this.  Do you know when the relevant version of dak is
likely to be deployed ?  AFAICT it hsn't yet:
=> 404

It is, you just need to do it correctly.

[{"sha256sum": "beee556e6bf0de96f15b60ede2775efd9763ede1976f29c6c25d0b770513fd01", "filename": "d/dgit/dgit_1.4.tar.gz"}]

(Or, probably, haven't tested that, correctly URL encode the /, its part of the parameter that the function gets.)

bye Joerg

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