On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, patgus wrote:

>  The package installs fine. It gives no output about creating the toruser UID 
> when it installs. The problem occurs when trying to start Tot as a daemon
>  On line 75 in /etc/init.d/tor 
>    --chuid toruser:toruser \ 
> this user does not exist and tor will not run until either this user is 
> created or the username on this line is changed to a valid one. 

What does it say, exactly.  Please paste the entire output of a
        dpkg -i tor...deb.

Also, my etc/init.d/tor does _NOT_ contain the string 'toruser'.

| [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ grep -- --chuid /etc/init.d/tor
|                                 --chuid debian-tor:debian-tor \

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