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There are also many missing translations in Kmail, System settings and so on.

"Many" is unspecific, we can't check for "many" missing translations, if you are refering to the Ok/Apply/Cancel buttons I would guess it's the same issue described in the previous mail.

Oddly enough I could test on a Polish computer and here (polish) translations are correct notably in systemsettings.

Can you point to a specific text? Are you claiming that the Ok/Apply/Cancel buttons are translated using a polish locales?

I know severity is overrated (and I opened it previously which is bad but as nothing happened...) but such a bug has to be fixed before release. As well Gentoo has never been affected with such issue.

Please don't abuse the bug tracking system. And, please provide information in a way that the issue is easily reproducible and easy to check for someone that doesn't have your background (doesn't speak french, or polish, doesn't know what to look for in the window, etc).

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