Since having both fonts-liberation and fonts-liberation2 on
the system may lead to undesired results
What undesired results? There's no such bug against the font packages, and fonts-liberation2's README.Debian explicitly says installing both is supposed to be OK.

flightgear uses these fonts via a symlink usr/share/games/flightgear/Fonts/LiberationFonts -> usr/share/fonts/truetype/liberation. Hence, changing the dependency to fonts-liberation2 would be easy (would that be an improvement?), but making it ORed is harder. Maintscript checking which of the two exists and linking to that one? and maybe a dpkg file trigger ( to catch the case of replacing fonts-liberation by fonts-liberation2 when flightgear is already installed?

I vaguely remember (from several upstream releases ago) that flightgear works (but looks wrong) without these fonts, which would allow reducing the dependency to a Recommends, but that would still install the recommended font by default even if the other was already installed.

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