On Mon, 30 Jan 2017 18:02:53 +0100 Sascha Silbe
<sascha-debian-bugs-rsyslog-2017-01...@silbe.org> wrote:
> Package: rsyslog
> Version: 8.4.2-1+deb8u2
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,
> rsyslog ships the mmanom module which is useful for stripping IP
> addresses from log messages for services that do not offer log format
> customisation themselves. Unfortunately it doesn't support IPv6, so
> it's of no use for IPv6 enabled services which should be pretty much
> everything these days.
> Depending on the circumstances, anonymising log messages may be
> required by data protection law (or "just" be best practice) so having
> an easy way for administrators to do this is important.

Is this still reproducible with the rsyslog version from Debian stretch?

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