debian/copyright has an incorrect short license name. OTOH the project
license is actually GPL-3+.
etc/pstdint.h and etc/ aren't mentioned in
There is no debian/watch.
--with autoreconf is the default in compat 10.
doc/sat-solver-papers contains sourceless and possibly non-free PDFs.
doc/smt2/smt-lib-reference-v2.0-r12.09.09.pdf doesn't seem to have source
and means to build it.
doc/manual/ contains EPS and PDF files, all of them should have source and
means to build it, and if they are installed into the binry packages they
should be rebuilt during the package build process.
lintian displays some of these and a lot of other problems, you seem to
not run it properly (with -IE --pedantic and against the binary .changes).

Please use the automatic debug packages. - still not fixed
Please update Standards-Version to the current version. - still not fixed
Please fix lintian warnings related to the descriptions. - still not fixed
Consider using dh_auto_{build,install,test} with additional args instead
of just make. CPPFLAGS are already added to CFLAGS in compat 9 when using
dh_auto_*. - still not fixed


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