On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 08:25:58AM +0000, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> I noticed that mirrors.xmission.com's mirrorrun frequency is somewhat weird.
> The Debian archive updates four times a day.  Maybe you want to sync with 
> that?

This is due to how the system is setup. We are mirroring a lot of different
projects, as you can see from https://mirrors.xmission.com. Eeach project that
is mirrored has its own rsync script responsible for keeping that mirror

Then, we have two queue scripts that execute all those rsync scripts in
alphabetical order. So, sometimes our debian mirror will get updated 3x per
day, and sometimes 6x per day.

If Ubuntu or Fedora or OpenSUSE, or some other Linux distro has a major
release, then one of the queue scripts can get stuck mirroring that project for
a day or two, which means it's the other queue script's responsibility to keep
the rest of the projects smirrored. But, because it's on its own, doing one
project at-a-time, it can take longer to work through them all, so at that
point, the debian mirror may only see 1 update that day.

On average, I would say each of our mirrors sees around 4-6 complete syncs per

> The latest ftpsync version has an ftpsync-cron wrapper that is designed to run
> every half hour or hour or so, and which monitors upstream's tracefile and
> triggers a mirrorun if upstream changed.  It's still experimental but maybe 
> you
> want to give it a try anyhow.
> Switching to a modern ftpsync to mirror Debian would be appreciated (even
> without using the -cron wrapper) as it ensures updates are done in the correct
> order so apt clients don't get confused.   In particular, it processes
> translations, contents, and more files that have been added to the archive in
> recent years in the correct stage.  It also should produce trace files that
> contain more information that is useful for us.
>   http://ftp.debian.org/debian/project/ftpsync/ftpsync-current.tar.gz

I'll look at getting this setup, rather than using the standard rsync pull that
we have been doing.


Aaron Toponce
Security and Systems Administrator

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