El dv 02 de 02 de 2018 a les 06:50 +0100, Helmut Grohne va escriure:
> A
> different solution (without requiring any package to change) would be to
> forbid dots in $anything.

This would break profiles with dots in $anything and it is less

> Yes, Javier asked me on irc, but I didn't ack the change.

[11:33] <grohne> guillem: feel free to fix it
[11:33] <grohne> I don't think it is worth the effort
[11:33] <grohne> or rather *my* effort ;)

> So I state that:
> 1. I don't think this is worth fixing.

But you do not oppose.

> 2. There is an alternative and simpler fix available. => No consensus.

Replied above.

> 3. The idea of changing the separator is not completely insane, but the
>    cost of performing it is very high.

sed -e "s#pkg.$sourcepackage.#pkg/$sourcepackage/#g"

> 4. You don't drive the discussion by filing bugs at lintian.

[12:38] <jasp> guillem: I'll fix #889042 someday.

There is no further discussion on #debian-bootstrap.

> 5. Discussion this has already wasted too much time better spent on
>    fixing real bugs. Can we stop it now?

I did not request your participation, feel free to stop.

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