On 04/02/18 09:38, mahashakti89 wrote:
> Package: mpv
> Version: 0.27.0-3
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> I am using smplayer to read blurays - choosen multimedia engine is mpv - but 
> it
> fails with following message :
> Playing: br:////media/toto/cdrom0
> No protocol handler found to open URL br:////media/toto/cdrom0
> The protocol is either unsupported, or was disabled at compile-time.

mpv uses a slightly different "bd" protocol instead of "br". Try this:
 mpv br:// --bluray-device=/media/toto/cdrom0

See the mpv manual page.

Unfortunately I do not have a bluray reader do I can't test this.


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