On 19/02/18 08:39, Samuel Thibault wrote:


Mark Cave-Ayland, on lun. 19 févr. 2018 08:14:13 +0000, wrote:
I've also
attached another trace from gdb by doing the following to catch the sources
of the above errors emitted on the console:

break g_log if log_level == G_LOG_LEVEL_CRITICAL
break g_log if log_level == G_LOG_LEVEL_WARNING
handle SIGSEGV nostop noprint pass


The corresponding backtrace look like these warnings are probably fixed
by the -16 upload too.

No worries - I have a full day of Java development ahead of me, so I will install your -16 package now and see how I go.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to look into this,


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