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Mark Cave-Ayland, on lun. 19 févr. 2018 09:00:36 +0000, wrote:
Are the debug packages available anywhere at
http://debug.mirrors.debian.org/? If so, I can install them and dig a bit

It's all on 

You can also use

   deb http://debug.mirrors.debian.org/debian-debug/ unstable-debug main

in your sources.list

Okay, sorry about the delay - attached is the output from the -16 packages when attempting to autocomplete with CTRL-space in netbeans, using the same gdb setup as before to catch the CRITICAL/WARNING messages emitted on the console:

(gdb) break g_log if log_level == G_LOG_LEVEL_CRITICAL
(gdb) break g_log if log_level == G_LOG_LEVEL_WARNING
(gdb) handle SIGSEGV nostop noprint pass



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