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Vincent Lefevre <vinc...@vinc17.net> wrote:

> On 2018-02-19 12:04:24 +0100, wm4 wrote:
> > Yeah, that is strange. I didn't create a new user, because that would
> > change nothing. I made sure to override all environment variables for
> > the test. I can't test anymore because after fighting Debian's
> > absolutely crappy package manager to make it downgrade to testing's
> > Qt packages, it works again. (And I'll defend my word choice "crappy".
> > Why can't it figure out transitive dependencies? It's just bad.
> > aptitude didn't behave better.)  
> IMHO, dependency resolution would not work well (or even not at all)
> for downgrades. Getting all the installed package from the same source
> package (here, qtbase-opensource-src) could make things easier for
> downgrades.

Well, I had the following situation: I uninstalled some Qt and
application packages as preparation for downgrading. Then I installed
the downgraded Qt packages. Then I wanted to reinstall an application
package. But it showed dozens of errors like this:

 package1 : Depends: package2 (>= version) but it is
 not going to be installed

It turns out the resolution was removing/downgrading just 1 or 2
packages (not package1 or package2) that transitively blocked
installing package2. Not even aptitude after crunching on it for
minutes could come up with the resolution. I'd really expect better.

I don't get why Debian has to split everything into thousands of
packages either, when everything depends on everything anyway.

Sorry for off-topic.

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