Thanks for moving the repo, that's great.

Please feel free to collaboratively maintain the package; that's what
collab-maint is for!

A couple years ago I reworked the f2c compiler and library into a
single source with an autotools-based build.
I have not uploaded it, but I think it's all pretty much good to go.

If you'd have a look, I'd very much appreciate it.
Seemed like a big step to replace the current f2c / libf2c with this
so I didn't actually push the red button.
But I think it would make sense at some point.
Especially if upstream is not completely moribund as I'd assumed, but
maybe could be convinced to upstream this.

Anyway, I'll have a look at the new upstream release, and try to
document some of this per your suggestion, in debian/README.source or



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