Re: Michael Biebl 2018-03-02 <>
> >>> I agree that it is not helpful that it doesn't raise an error here,
> >>> but I think it is working as intended by systemd. Or should we rather
> >>> be using AssertFileExists here? But starting the non-existing "foo"
> >>> service doesn't put "foo" into a permanent error state either.
> >>
> >> Why not just drop the Condition altogether?
> >> This way you'd get a proper error message from posgresql, and it would
> >> be easier to diagnose what's going wrong?
> > 
> > For the same reason that "systemctl start nonexisting.service" doesn't
> > permanently leave nonexisting.service in a error state that is visible
> > e.g. via "systemctl". I'd think that would be worse.
> Not sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?

"systemctl start foo.service" throws an error, but does not mark
foo.service as failed.

If "systemctl start postgresql@foo.service" would not have
ConditionFileExists, it would permanently be marked as failed (until
"systemctl reset-failed").

Both should behave the same in the sense that typoing the service name
on start shouldn't leave the system in a degraded state. (It would be
nice if "systemctl start postgresql@foo.service" would throw a
one-time error, but it doesn't look like that could be achieved.)


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