Dear Mònica,

Six years. That's really a long time span. I answer to your email address
(I'll see if a bounce comes back) because you submitted this bug, and I'm
currently giving a try at reviewing & including the patches submitted by the

Maybe you do not really care anymore about this feature, but it's worth a

Thanks for your patch. For now, I think it lacks a little specification.

The nmudiff does not upload anything in a practical point of view. The only
upload reference in the text in in the case you provide the delay argument,
which would be nonsense if you are no DD.

In the other cases, it only adds a tag pending, which is not in
contradiction with not being a DD, as a pending tag only means that the
changes are included in the package's vcs and will be included in the next

But, indeed, in some cases, you might not want to add this pending tag.

I think the appropriate answer to your remarks is to include your template
feature, and add a --no-pending-tag argument to prevent the pending tag from
being added to the mail.

Apart from that, I don't see how it would make a real difference between being
DD/DM or just a contributor.

I'll give it a week to see if you are still around and willing to discuss
it, and otherwise mix your patch with the changes I suggested.

Cheers, and, sorry that you got no answer for so long.

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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