Package: evolution
Version: 3.22.6-1+deb9u1
Severity: important

I was looking for a particular contact and I typed the name in the
search box.

The contact appeared twice in the search results.

I'm running a standard Debian stretch installation.  The address book
comes from a DAViCal server on Debian stretch.

I looked in the PostgreSQL backend for DAViCal and found the contact
only exists once.  I searched by both name and email address to make
sure.  I also searched on other applications linked to the same DAViCal
(e.g. CardBook for Thunderbird) and they only find the contact once.

I looked at Evolution on another system (laptop) using the same DAViCal
account and it also had the same contact twice.

Looking in the cache file:

there are two entries.

In the GUI, I right clicked each of them and exported them to vcf files.

Here are some differences I observed:

First file                 Second file

FN = full name             FN is the first name only
N = full name              N = full name
UID not in SQL             UID matches the value in SQL
latest data: no            latest data: yes,
                              includes an extra email address

REV:2015....               REV:20180330...
                              (when I added extra email addr)

I right clicked the address book and clicked "Refresh", the duplicate
was still there.

I looked at the Evolution preferences window to see if there was a way
to clear the cache, I couldn't find it.

I closed the GUI, killed all the evolution-addressobk* processes,
deleted the cache.xml file and started the GUI again.  The duplicate
contact (left column above) was not there any more.

Why does the cache not realize that one of the contacts doesn't exist on
the server?

I also notice other people have complained about duplicates appearing in
the calendar:

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