[Phil Miller]
> I was also seeing isenkramd occupying huge and growing amounts of memory,
> increasing by several megabytes with each time a device was plugged in (in
> my case, when my monitor was turned on and its USB hub attached devices
> came back).

Thank you for getting in touch.  It is always good to hear from users,
as some times I wonder if I am the only one finding isenkram useful. :)

> I tracked this down to a leak in the appstream library, for which I
> submitted a patch upstream that's now been merged. We're just waiting
> on a new release of that and an upload to Debian, and this will be
> fixed.

Thank you very much for finding and fixing these leaks.  Do you by any
chance know which function calls in the isenkram code triggered these
leaks?  I am considering if it is useful to implement a workaround while
we wait for upstreams changes to make it into the various Debian
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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