On 07/12/2018 08:10, foss.freedom wrote:
It has been about a month since the initial package was uploaded to
mentors.  Still hoping for some feedback please.

Yesterday I've tweaked the package to remove an unnecessary
build-dependency after discussing with upstream.

I note one new "Information" lintian issue now occurs since the
initial upload.  Probably due to a slight tweak to the current debian

upstream/signing-key.asc has 1 extra signature(s) for keyid 92DED901DA15CC0D

Is this something I can deal with (if so how?) - or should I ask
upstream to create a signing-key.asc  for me using "gpg --armor
--export --export-options export-minimal,export-clean keyid"

The lintian tag is severity wishlist. But it is
good to save space in the archive.

"The package contains a public upstream signing key..."

The uscan man page says:

The armored keyring file debian/upstream/signing-key.asc can
be created by using the gpg (or gpg2) command as follows.

Did up try to run the command and see if there is any problem?

These would be my steps.

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