Samuel Thibault <sthiba...@debian.org> wrote:
> Also, we need to document it in the installation manual and the
> wiki.debian.org/accessibility page.

Sure. For the installation-guide, that could be something like

diff --git a/en/boot-installer/accessibility.xml 
index 52853a9d8..f792a4852 100644
--- a/en/boot-installer/accessibility.xml
+++ b/en/boot-installer/accessibility.xml
@@ -168,8 +168,11 @@ the boot parameter by typing <userinput>h</userinput> 
 For users with low vision, the installer can use a high-contrast
-color theme that makes it more readable. To enable it, append the
-<userinput>theme=dark</userinput> boot parameter.
+color theme that makes it more readable. To enable it, you can use the
+corresponding entries from the boot screen (on BIOS systems: in the submenu
+<quote>Advanced options for visual impaired</quote>; on UEFI systems:
+<quote>Graphical install with dark theme for visual impaired</quote>)
+or append the <userinput>theme=dark</userinput> boot parameter.


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