On 2019-02-05 03:49, Mo Zhou wrote:
> However I guess you didn't install all the opennlp components:

Indeed; this is intentional:

> opennlp-brat-annotator
> opennlp-distr
> opennlp-docs
> opennlp-morfologik-addon

these components fail to build due to missing dependencies in Debian. For now I 
have listed them in d/todo list.

> Besides, there are also some wrapper scripts under several directories.
> Are they omitted intentionally?

I overlooked these, thanks for pointing them out. I have added a new binary 
package 'opennlp' containing the wrapper script from 
opennlp-distr/src/main/bin/opennlp (opennlp-tools/bin/opennlp does quite the 
same, albeit using maven for execution).


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