On Monday, February 11, 2019 02:33:35 AM Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Package: dkimpy-milter
> Version: 1.0.0-1
> Hi Scott--
> I see that python3-milter exists now.  it would be great to move
> dkimpy-milter to python3 as well, so that mailserver administrators
> using dkimpy-milter don't need to have python2 installed.
> If you want a hand with the transition, i'd be happy to help.

I think the code changes are probably very small.  I just did an SPF milter 
using pyspf and the python3 pymilter (pyspf-milter - in Buster already) and it 
seemed pretty straightforward.

It may be as little as using io.BytesIO vice StringIO.StringIO.  Given it 
wasn't a bother for the SPF milter, I'll probably go ahead with it soon.

Scott K

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