Hi Sebastiaan,

I upgraded successfully with this steps:

                Before upgrade I hold the mariadb-server e client 10.1 packages

                Upgrade all packages

                a2enmod php7.3

                service apache2 restart

the upgrade add an extra backslash that cause a fail with ldap bind


I edited manually the resource.ini to remove the backslash, but if I save the 
changes from the GUI the extra backslash is readded.

Temporarily I don’t save the configuration from GUI.

Thank you for support!


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notfound 921723 icingaweb2/2.6.2-2


Hi Max,

On 2/8/19 4:09 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:

> On 2/8/19 1:25 PM, Max wrote:

>> after upgrade the login page show this error:


>> Fatal error: Uncaught error: Undefined class constant


>> /usr/share/php/Icinga/Data/Db/DbConnection.php:196

>> stack trace: bla bla bla ...


>> the package php7.2-mysql is marked as unused and removed automatically from 
>> the system.

>> I suppose is needed


> No, php7.3 is now the default, make sure that you're using that

> instead instead of 7.2.

This seems to be the issue, make sure that you have enabled the pdo_mysql 
module for php7.3.

After reconfiguring my icinga2 test setup to use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL, 
and enabling the pdo_mysql module for php7.3 it works just fine.

Kind Regards,



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