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>>>> I just read the README.Debian file and it says the mariadb version
>>>> stretch might conflict with the mailman3-web version.
>>>> If that's really the case, might I suggest the backport be fixed to
>>>> explicitely about this somehow? maybe conflict with that mariadb
>>>> version?
>>> Please review and comment
>>> I'll upload in a couple of days. :)
>>That's a great start!
>>Couldn't we check if mariadb is actually installed or configured
>>instead of just always prompting?
>>But if that's too much work, it's better than nothing for sure.
>>THanks! :)
> The risk is that if the user plans to use an external DB you won't warn him.

Right, the only way this could be properly implemented would be if
debconf would attempt to connect with the configured DB credentials to
check the remote server version (or, better, to test the actuall code

That's probably overkill though.


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