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1) I have repeated this on 3 different SD cards (16 GB), using windows 7 and 10 
and 3 different computers and 2 SD card readers.  Both Pi 2 and 3.
2) I used to be a software engineer
3) Happens on Jessie and Stretch

Load Debian (usually NOOB or package with desired options) on SD card, finish 
install.  No problems (more than 10 times), can use it normally
Try to install new OS on "old" SD card with existing Debian OS and it gives an 
    - Windows can't format it (not surprising).
    - The last recommended formatter/installer (don't recall the name) can't 
format it or install new OS
    - The latest formatter / installer balenaEtcher gives an error
    - The SD card formatter from can't format it (throws an error)
    - True with Kingston, Acer and SanDisk SD cards
    - Used Nobi card adapter and built in card port on HP computer (same result)

Take these SD cards in on "warranty" and the companies show they are "bad" 
(they replaced them for free).  I can take a brand new card and make it go 
"bad" with the above procedure.  That should not happen.  It seems the install 
may be overwriting something important at a low level, or similar to "damage" 
these cards.

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PS: Suggestion, your bug reporting system may be wonderful for the programmers, 
but it sucks for those trying to help.  You might rethink it.

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