On 2/16/19 7:35 PM, Pavel Minaev wrote:
> It looks like all the dependencies are now in Buster, thanks to Kunal.
> It would be a shame to have it all, except for the actual user-facing
> app that uses it...
> Is there any chance that this package might make it into Buster? Is
> there any assistance I could provide to accelerate the process?

Unfortunately, we missed the deadline for buster already. But your help
would be appreciated!

We need to figure out a resolution to
<https://github.com/kiwix/kiwix-tools/issues/249>, as you found. I think
that was the main blocker.

I pushed my packaging work to
<https://salsa.debian.org/legoktm/kiwix-tools>, there are probably some
lintian warnings, etc. that need to be cleaned up.

Once we have something working and Buster is released, we can definitely
aim to get kiwix-tools into buster-backports.

-- Kunal

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