On Mon, 18 Feb 2019 11:28:10 +0000, Neil Williams <codeh...@debian.org> wrote:
> Is it feasible to have a script in devscripts or similar which maps the
> version of the kernel *Candidate* to KernelCI URLs for the same
> version?
> Can we correlate Debian kernel versions to something like
> https://kernelci.org/boot/all/job/stable-rc/branch/linux-4.9.y/kernel/v4.9.144/
> or
> https://kernelci.org/boot/all/job/stable-rc/kernel/v4.9.144/ ?

I just had another look and found they also have a job for the stable releases 
rather than the release candidates:

So, as long as the Debian kernel is based on a longterm kernel which is still 
supported upstream, the mapping should work.

What might be worth a thought as well, though, is to have such automated 
testing of the Debian kernels as well. Either by asking the Kernel CI project 
whether they'd be willing to build and test Debian kernels, too, or by setting 
up an infrastructure similar to theirs just for Debian. Now, I wouldn't expect 
Debian to have as much hardware to test on, but in this particular case it 
would have helped already to test the kernel in a virtualized setup. Based on 
this thread, it seems to me that the armhf kernels haven't received any boot 
testing prior to release. If that's really the case, I guess something along 
these lines might help Debian substantially.



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