Hi all,

Same issue here with 4.9.144-3 on my Olimex OLinuXino-LIME2 board (Allwinner A20 cpu) :
u-boot is struck at "Starting kernel", nothing happens after that.

This board boots ok with 4.9.130-2 and also with 4.9.135-1 (found at snapshot.debian.org).

I'm using the armmp kernel variant (non-lpae), if that helps I could easily try with lpae. More generally please let me know if I can help pinpointing the issue by testing some more kernel images. Note that I've never played with (cross-)compiling armhf kernels myself, though.

Despite this specific issue, thanks for all this great work, it's so cool to have Debian
supported out-of-the box on such little boards !


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