On 13.03.19 20:16, Tony Walker wrote:
> I upgraded to Buster from stretch and noticed that my cron jobs were
> running at ~7:38 AM
> instead of the time in my /etc/crontab. After some troubleshooting, I
> did reinstall by
> installing from 9.7 media followed immediately by apt full-upgrade. The
> problem persisted.
> I then did the same on a different system and found that the problem
> exists on this
> system as well (total of two out of two systems that exhibit the problem).
> * What exactly did you do (or not do) that was effective (or
> ineffective)?
> I tried the default setting of 6:25 AM ["25 6 * * *"] and a few other times
> (e.g., 1:00 AM ["0 1 * * *"]). cron seems to ignore all entries and the
> jobs always
> run at ~7:38 AM. date and hwclock agree on current time. /etc/timezone
> is America/New_York

that sounds extremely odd. I don't even have a clue what could cause
this in the code. I'm almost certain it's not the job database...
perhaps parsing?

What does `journalctl -t CRON` say?  (If you don't use systemd, the
default /etc/rsyslog.conf contains a line #cron ... that when you enable
it, will log all cron messages to /var/log/cron.log).

If those messages don't provide a clue, then the only thing I can think
of is to rebuild in debug mode, and then to run cron in the foreground.
It will then, quite verbosely, report about all the steps it takes. Let
me know if you need such a build, I can provide you with one.


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