Dmitry Bogatov wrote on 16/05/2019:
> [2019-05-15 12:02] Paride Legovini <>
>> Dmitry Bogatov wrote on 14/05/2019:
>>> cyrillic letters in stterm with Terminus font are rendered as more wide
>>> and overlapping than latin letters. On both "xterm" and under tty
>>> cyrillic letters are rendered properly.
>>> This issue is only with Terminus font: no other monospace font I checked
>>> have such problems.
>>> Please, try to reproduce it yourself. You will need:
>>>  * xfonts-terminus
>>>  * stterm
>>>  * cyrillic text "Привет"
>>> Start stterm:
>>>     $ stterm -f Terminus
>>> and view cyrillic text in that terminal. If you want, I can make
>>> screenshots.
>> Thanks for your report Dmitry. It seems that I can't reproduce the issue
>> on my system (an up-to-date Debian unstable), see the attached
>> screenshot.
> On your screen shot everything is fine.
>> I'm using:
>> stterm 0.8.2-1
>> xfonts-terminus 4.40-2
> So do I. Strange. Please, try comparing it with rendering in different
> terminal emulators. Here are two screenshots, one with 'stterm' (bad.png)
> and another with 'terminology' (good.png) and another one with 'sakura'
> (good-2.png).

I tried with xterm and sakura, the Cyrillic string renders exactly as in
stterm, with the correct character width and spacing.

> Not sure, that it is relevant, but in xterm(1) I found following:
>   The reason for this resource is to help with certain
>   quasi-automatically generated fonts (such as the ISO-10646-1 encoding
>   of Terminus) which have incorrect font-metrics.>
> Maybe there are known issues with terminus font, and other terminal
> emulators provide special care for it?

Could be, I don't know. The font's homepage [0] says that:

  Version 4.47 contains 1326 characters, covers about 120 language
  sets and supports ISO8859-1/2/5/7/9/13/15/16 [...]

and ISO5589-5 is Latin/Cyrillic, so I don't think there are
auto-generated fonts. It also says that Terminus is a "fixed width
bitmap font". On my system I have disabled the bitmap fonts: I have this
symbolic link in place:

/etc/fonts/conf.d/70-no-bitmaps.conf ->

so maybe even if I explicitly ask for Terminus the terminals lie to me,
and another fallback font is actually used. Did you disable the bitmap

Another question. You said xterm renders Terminus well. From how it
looks, can you tell if it is actually Terminus or another font?



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