gofloss gofloss, le mar. 06 juin 2017 13:52:05 -0700, a ecrit:
> apparently debian wants to make its fonts unreadable because [...]

Nope.  I understand that you got a big pile of frustration like hell,
but unfortunately what followed this sentence can't get anything
positive done.  Debian clearly does have accessibility goals.  But like
all software, it does have bugs.  No, we don't intentionally make fonts
unreadable, there are just bugs, and the introduction of hidpi screens
really do not help.  And until somebody manages to find the time to fix
bugs, yes, there will be bugs.  It does not mean we don't want to fix
them, but that we haven't found the time to fix them yet.

> if it is an accessibility issue there is sometimes
> hostility, and demands for biomedical proof,

I haven't ever seen such a thing in Debian.

> whenever i have to use the linux console, i have significant
> neurological issues, due to the blinking cursor.

Oh, I did not know that even just the blinking cursor could have an

> there is an ansi sequence that turns off blinking, but it
> frequently gets reset again for unknown reasons.

Which ansi sequence does this?

The problem is that the tty defaults (as in: casted into hardcoded
values that really can't be changed) is to blink.

> furthermore, emacs resets the terminal to blink again.
> furthermore, an ansi sequence is not somethign that you can
> memorize for when you are having computer problems.

You can put it in $PS1, though.


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