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On Tue, 11 Jun 2019, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> Russell Coker <russ...@coker.com.au> schrieb:
> > Should it be regarded as a bug in the intel-microcode package that it 
> > doesn't 
> > have this update that is "easy enough to source"?  Or do you mean "easy to 
> > get 
> > but not licensed for distribution"?
> This is covered by #929073, which links to a PDF by Intel (which documents
> that Intel won't ship an update for your CPU).

I'd like to add that:

We do not, and will not, distribute in non-free's intel-microcode
anything we did not get from Intel (or from someone else who got it from
Intel with permission to redistribute).  This ensures all microcode
updates we distribute in non-free are under a license that allows

Note that, as long as there are very good reasons to do so, I am willing
to distribute microcode updates that are no longer being distributed[1],
since we did receive it with an appropriate license that allows
redistribution in the first place.

Also, one can place whatever microcode updates they got from wherever to
/usr/share/misc/intel-microcode*.bin at their own risk and
responsibility, and the intel-microcode package will attempt to use it.

[1] as in: "they were being distributed by Intel on the Linux microcode
update package in the past, and for more than one release of Intel's
microcode update package".

  Henrique Holschuh

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