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On 27-06-2019 13:27, Paul Gevers wrote:
> We like to support non-sse2 on i386, but we are not comfortable fixing
> webkit2gtk at this stage of the release. Therefore, we will not unblock
> this change, but we want the release notes to mention this, so users are
> warned.

I cooked up the attached proposal for the release notes. Reviews very

@Alberto, did you have any intention to upload to backports once buster
is released? If so, do you think it is OK to mention this in the

diff --git a/en/issues.dbk b/en/issues.dbk
index 2edb9838..5d657f2a 100644
--- a/en/issues.dbk
+++ b/en/issues.dbk
@@ -293,6 +293,26 @@ $ sudo update-initramfs -u
+  <section id="webkit2gtk-on-non-sse2" arch="i386">
+    <title>Initially no support for WebKitGTK based applications on non-SSE2
+    systems</title>
+    <para>
+      Due to changes in the upstream code, <systemitem
+      role="package">webkit2gtk</systemitem> has been built with SSE2
+      support. The changes in the Debian code came too late to be incorporated
+      in the initial buster release. This means that systems that don't have
+      SSE2 support build into their CPU can't run applications which use
+      WebKitGTK, e.g. <systemitem role="package">liferea</systemitem> or
+      <systemitem role="package">zenity</systemitem>. These applications will
+      crash, most likely with an <literal>Illegal instruction</literal> error
+      message. It is expected that <systemitem
+      role="package">webkit2gtk</systemitem> will support these older systems
+      after the first update of <systemitem
+      role="package">webkit2gtk</systemitem> in either a point release or
+      security update.
+    </para>
+  </section>
   <section id="noteworthy-obsolete-packages" condition="fixme">
     <title>Noteworthy obsolete packages</title>

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