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> I have attached a file.tex that eats two .eps files. One of them is
> just to persuade me that nothing basic is broken. The other of them
> (the 1st of the two files) gets wrongly rotated when I do the steps:
>      $ latex file.tex
>      $ dvips file.dvi
>      $ ps2pdf file.ps
> In gv, both .eps files show up correctly.
> The .pdf file that I get out of the above steps is attached, so you
> can see what is going wrong.
According to [1] The current maintainer of this package is Fred­eric
Goualard. In his web page [2] I find the statement:

Since 1996, I have developed many LaTeX packages, mostly used only
locally at the labs I was employed at the time. For my PhD defense in
2000, I developed Prosper, a package to write more beautiful LaTeX
slides in a simpler way than what was available at the time. Somehow, it
filled a need and caught on. However, Prosper heavily relies on Adobe
Postscript, and cannot be used when producing Adobe PDF files directly
from the LaTeX source, as would be done by a tool such as pdflatex. With
more modern contenders around, I decided in 2009 to stop supporting it.
If you are now making the move to LaTeX slide design, please consider
packages like Powerdot (self-advertised as ``based on Prosper'') or
Beamer (my favorite, and the one I myself use now) instead.

So we won't get a bug fix for it. Tagging it wontfix for now.


[1] https://ctan.org/pkg/prosper?lang=de
[2] http://frederic.goualard.net/
#206401 http://counter.li.org

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