On Tue, 13 Aug 2019, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Alexander Wirt <formo...@debian.org>:
> > That list is still missing any other advocated speaking for the lists,
> > I would really prefer if at least Ian Jackson would speak up.
> Hi.  I think this list would be a good idea.  Indeed, it was during an
> IRL conversation with me that I suggested to Knorrie that he request
> this list.
> As Knorrie says, currently we are using an "alioth continuity" list
> (owned by me).  Obviously we want to migrate away from that.
> I don't think we want to lose the list facility.  Xen is very
> complicated and we need somwhere to discuss things.  The archive is
> particularly important.
Thanks, I see the need for the list. Could you please send me the archive
(mbox) and the (encrypted) list of subscribers? 


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