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On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:25:27PM +0300, Vangelis Skarmoutsos wrote:
>    Package: libreoffice-writer
>    Version:

Version: is the package version. The Bug Tracking system doesn not know
upstream internal versions (the official version would be 6.3.0 anyway)
The Bug tracking system can't find a matching version and thus thinks
this bug has been in any LO (and OOo!) from since the beginning in 2002.

>    Cropping an image after flip horizontal or vertical, works the opposite
>    way
>    To reproduce do the following:
>    Insert an image or clip art.
>    Flip horizontal the image.
>    Try to crop the image. Select the right handle and reduce the size of the
>    image by hiding the right part of the image.
>    When mouse action is complete, you will see that the left part of the
>    image is hidden instead of the right.
>    This affects flip horizontal and flip vertical actions.
>    All other rotate options are working fine with crop.
>    Libreoffice Calc is not affected by this bug.

Sounds like



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