Hi Alexandre (cc bugreport),

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Quoting Alexandre Rossi (2019-08-14 13:08:15)
> > Should I push directly to master, send a patcht o the mailing list 
> > or propose a pull request in salsa, or other?
> The fix has been pushed to master.

Good.  But where is that, exactly?  URL?

> Any upload planned? Or should I prepare an upload on mentors.d.o?

mentors.d.o is a service for "lonely riders" to find sponsors for their 
otherwise self-maintained packages.  Since this is team-maintained (and 
we have Debian Developers with upload rights in the team) we don't need 

As soon as I understand where you pushed the code, I will have a look at 
it, and assuming it looks sensible I will make a release.

> Also, I'm pondering raising the severity of this bug. uwsgi-plugin-php 
> cannot run PHP applications that are using PHP sessions, basically 
> most applications that use some kind of login/password process. This 
> fits "a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package, 
> without rendering it completely unusable to everyone". This would open 
> the door to a stable update. What do people think?

Makes good sense.

 - Jonas

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