Am 15.08.2019 um 02:02 teilte John Paul Adrian Glaubitz mit:

Hi Adrian,

> @Hilmar:
> If you patch texk/web2c/luatexdir/luapplib/{ppconf.h,ppheap.c,util/utilarm.h} 
> to
> replace "( defined(__sun) && defined(__SVR4))" with "defined __sparc", the 
> problem
> should be fixed on Debian sparc64.
Many thanks for the patch [1]. Do you want me to do something? I could
try to build the package using the patch on Sparc64, however I'm pretty
sure you did that already. If you want me to do another build please
install the missing BD's on gcc202.

libbrotli-dev libgd-dev libgs-dev libpaper-dev libpotrace-dev (>= 1.11)
libteckit-dev libwoff-dev libxxhash-dev libzzip-dev (>= 0.12)

Many thanks,


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