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This package was part of Moblin project.

And Moblin becomes MeeGo. And then MeeGo becomes Tizen.

This package seems to not be used anymore in Tizen. And I see no reason
to revive Moblin.

Recently, this package fails to build against latest gtk-doc. (#939954)

Yeah it is a doc error and easy to be fixed. But I just don't see a
reason to keep this library anymore.

This library is a css parser. I think libhtmlcxx-dev might be a
replacement. I know libccss is better integrated with gtk2 or cairo. But
it is just dead upstream and seems no future to me.

So this library was used for the CSS engine for GTK2. In my opinion, if
people really want to use CSS engine, they can try to move to GTK3.
Sorry this is a bad statement but just like python2 we've already got
rid of that in Bullseye. And there will be some end of life for GTK2
someday. When things move on we have to just say goodbye to these old,
outdated libraries. Adrian already suggests us to remove this library in
Jessie (#728890). But we still tries to keep this library in good shape,
in Stretch, in Buster. Just because it still works good, works as its
purpose and might have some out-of-Debian apps depends on this. But not
anymore even it just needs a very easy fix.

So let's remove this library and move on. And anyone who wants to bring
this library back just bring it back.

Or you can reply to this e-mail to say that you are still using this
then I'm willing to continue maintain it and fix it and take back the RM
before ftp-master really removes this package.


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